Homes at The Sea Ranch

Living at The Sea Ranch evokes a sense of serenity, dwelling lightly on the landscape, contrasted by the buffeting winds, dense forest and the wide expanses of ocean views. Klopf Architecture’s designs embody the community’s rural lifestyle by respecting the landscape, warming the occupants, and providing shelter for comfort and safety.

Our new home designs consider surrounding landscape and climate first in designing intentional dwellings for homeowners seeking an organic and calming coastal lifestyle. Together we’ll explore the possibilities of indoor-outdoor spaces connecting naturally to the landscape, creating warm, inviting areas for family and friends to gather. We will design your custom home to integrate with the sky, ocean, and rocky outcroppings, grounding you with the terrain and landscape.

For those fortunate enough to have lived at The Sea Ranch for a while, we help homeowners update their dwellings to the 21st century, rethinking and redesigning them for today’s lifestyles and changing needs. Our approach is to creatively consider how to transform what may have frayed over time into something more comfortable and at rest, with modern finishes and materials, while remaining true to the original warm and organic aesthetics of The Sea Ranch.