Green Design & Net-Zero Energy

Green Design is not a part of architectural practice. Architecture is a part of Green practice! Our designs are intended to meet Client needs and wants in the most elegant way, which often means incorporating greener practices. Klopf Architecture has expertise in working within a green framework.

We have completed one modern style Net-Zero Energy House and are looking for more clients who want to push the limits in this area. In the meantime, as energy codes become stricter and stricter we are developing methods to continue our indoor / outdoor design approach while still providing comfortable, energy-efficient spaces.

In designing energy-efficient, healthier spaces, we always remember primary goal: creating spaces people love to inhabit. Sometimes this requires an up front investment that will save our clients money in the long run; other times the “green” solution costs no more (or even less than) the “typical” solution. Most of our clients appreciate our help with fulfilling their goals in an environmentally-sensitive way.