Net-Zero Energy, Passive House, and All-Electric Homes

Klopf Architecture designs modern indoor-outdoor homes with minimal and clean lines while meeting or surpassing strict energy-efficiency standards. We have designed modern style all-electric, net-zero-energy, and Passive house homes that are unexpectedly glassy and open to nature.

The all-electric Cupertino Net-Zero Energy house was completed in 2012, well before California started requiring all new homes to be net-zero energy, and long before some California municipalities began requiring all-electric homes.

We designed a new San Jose home to meet both Passive House standards and the client’s desire to live in a glassy California-style indoor-outdoor, modern residence. It will start construction this summer. 

As California’s green building and energy-efficiency codes become more stringent Klopf Architecture embraces them. We are continually developing new methods of creating comfortable, energy efficient, indoor-outdoor, modern-style spaces that enhance our client’s lives. Our design have evolved to surpass these requirements where possible, where others may grudgingly meet the codes or sacrifice design along the way to meeting them.

While we are facile with the technicalities of green and energy-efficient building we remember our number one task is creating pleasing spaces people love to inhabit.