Project Advice

Please see below for answers to frequently asked project start-up questions… and some questions people SHOULD ask but often don’t.

For information on our design, please see about us and our portfolio.

Should You Work with an Architect?
Find out when an architect is right for you and your project

How do You Select Your Architect?
Our advice plus links to resources

How Does Klopf Architecture Work with our Clients?
What we offer, what we do for you, and and how we’re different

What are the Risks of Construction Projects?
And how Klopf Architecture can help you face them

What do You Need to Know about Your Budget?
How to control what you spend on your project

Economic Uncertainty and Your Project
Will prices go down? Should you start a new project?

How Long will Your Project Take?
What the steps are and project scheduling

Should You Phase Your Project?
When phasing is a good idea, and why it’s usually not

If you have further questions, please contact us.