Eichler Homes and Mid-Century Modern Homes

Eichler and mid-century modern home owners who work with Klopf Architecture love the architecture, the openness, and the lifestyle that these houses embody. These owners usually need more space or an updated kitchen, not a new architectural style.

We look at these projects as a chance to “update the classics” by re-invigorating these homes to meet the needs of today’s families with 21st century lifestyles. As an aside, it has become a significant challenge to keep the Eichler aesthetic and still meet today’s strict energy codes, but we know how to do it.

Having prepared designs for 300+ Eichler and mid-century modern homes over the past 20+ years, we’re known for our respectful approach. We design major additions and remodels in a compatible style, or design new modernist homes to replace those houses too far gone to save. Compatible is the key word; we don’t stick to some pre-set palette or design, and we’re not historical preservationists.

As we do for our new modern home projects, we explore each individual case for each owner, design what is appropriate for each situation, and alter the house to meet the specific needs and wants of that owner.